International Freight Rate Calculator

Instant international freight rate estimates for shipping by ocean, air, and truck.

Get an estimate from the world’s largest database of freight rates with our freight rate calculator and then join Freightos to compare, book, and manage your upcoming shipments.

Behind the Freight Rate Calculator

Freightos’ international freight rate calculator uses the world’s largest freight rate database, enabling us to provide you with accurate, real-time quotes.

Over 1.5 billion data points

Powered by the Freightos Baltic Index and backed by the Singapore Stock Exchange.

Hundreds of global providers

Based on live freight rates from hundreds of international freight forwarders and carriers.

Reliable freight data

Providing instant freight quotes that include all costs and surcharges.


What’s Included in the Estimated Rates?

Unlike other freight calculators, the Freightos calculator uses real freight data to calculate instant, all-in freight quotes, including any surcharges. 

What’s included?

Freight costs

All fees and surcharges for shipping by air, ocean, and truck. This calculation accounts for dimensional weight.

What’s not included?

Customs duties

Fees imposed by the government are not included in the freight calculator estimates. You can estimate them here.


How To Calculate Freight Rates

Follow these step-by-step instructions to easily generate an estimate using the freight rate calculator.

  1. Select whether you are shipping full containers or boxes/pallets.
  2. Enter your load dimensions, weight, quantities, origin, and destination.
  3. Search!
  4. Want to book? Select the “Find and compare quotes” button


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