Getting a Freight Quote: A Step-by-Step Guide


With some simple preparation, you will receive several good international freight quotes to select from.

Freight Insurance: Why You Need to Cover Your Bases


Covering your bases does mean getting good cargo insurance. But that's just the start.

Packaging: Think Outside (And Inside) The Box


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HS Code Lookup and US Customs Lookup

Harmonized System finder and calculator to find international freight HS codes and duties for US import

Amazon FBA Freight Rate Calculator: Free Freight Tool


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What is a GRI Shipping Increase?

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Five Ways to Reduce FBA International Freight Costs

Looking to optimize returns on Amazon? Follow these tips to private label importing.

Common Freight Term Glossary and Explanations

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Common Freight Container, Pallet and Box Dimensions

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How To Choose The Perfect Freight Forwarder

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How To Make A Freight Insurance Claim From Forwarders Or Carriers

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Global Airport and Seaport Map: Free Freight Tool

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Freight Shipping Hazardous Material Table: Freight Tools

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International Freight Rate Calculator: Free Freight Tool

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Key Freight Documents for International Shipping

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Air Freight vs Ocean Freight: Making the Decision

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