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How It Works

Freightos Marketplace affiliates are issued a unique URL to signup to our marketplace. When a user who signed up using an affiliate’s unique link books his or her first freight shipment, the affiliate receives 10% of the shipment’s value (capped at $100 USD).

Click below to apply for the program, read the Terms and Conditions or get resources to help spread the word.

Using the Referral Link

After being validated, you’ll be given a unique tag that looks like a long string of letters. By including it in a link to Freightos, we’ll be able to identify which affiliate passed on the signup. Just copy the link and replace the bolded characters with your unique ID, before linking with text and images.

Apply to the Freightos Affiliate Program

Terms and Conditions

  1. This Agreement between Freightos Limited (“Freightos”/”we”/”us”) and an affiliate who signs up to the Freightos Marketplace Affiliate Agreement (“you”) describes terms and conditions for participation in the Freightos Marketplace Affiliate Program. By participating in the Affiliate Program, you agree to endeavor to refer potential users to the Freightos Marketplace website.
  2. Enrollment. To enroll, submit an application here. We will review and get back to you within five business days. We reserve the right to accept or deny applications to the Affiliate Program. You agree that if accepted you will be bound by this Agreement.
  3. Affiliate URL. Once approved as a member of the Affiliate Program, you will be issued a unique URL pointing to the Freightos Marketplace. This URL will enable us to track users who are referred from your website to the Freightos Marketplace (“Referrals”), and allow you to be paid for affiliate referrals. Compensation will not be provided for referred customers that did not arrive through the link provided.
  4. Affiliate Fee. For the first shipment booked from a new Freightos user you refer within three months of signup, you’ll receive a one-time affiliate fee of 10% of the total price of the shipment, capped at $100 USD (“Affiliate Fee”). Users already registered with Freightos and active in the last 12 months will not earn a Affiliate Fees while users who have not signed in for 12 months and are referred by you and then book within 3 months will. Affiliate Fees and other terms may change at Freightos’ discretion upon notification to you. Note that our cut is currently 2% of the shipment value so this generous fee is already designed to compensate you for recurring revenue we may get from your Referral.
  5. Payment and Reporting. Upon joining the Freightos Affiliate Program, you will receive a login to an Affiliate section of the Freightos Platform where you may track online bookings from your Referrals and Affiliate Fees earned. Affiliated Fee will be remitted to you on a quarterly basis within 21 days of the end of the quarter via Paypal or wire transfer. Paypal account information must be provided upon registration.

Additional Terms and Conditions

Modification. Either party may terminate this agreement at any time and for any reason. Freightos may modify this agreement at any time upon notification to you. Affiliate Fees with respect to referrals made prior to termination will be honored.
This agreement will be governed by Hong Kong law and any disputes settled exclusively by binding arbitration in Hong Kong.
Permitted Usage. Affiliates are permitted to use the graphical banners and design resources located here. Affiliates MAY NOT use the term “Freightos” in ANY variation in their site URL or submit their link to coupon sites or use the Freightos trademark or Freightos copyrighted material in any way which may be embarrassing or detrimental to Freightos. You may not imply any endorsement of your service or websites by Freightos.
Anti-Spam Policy. Freightos strictly prohibits Affiliates from using spam e-mail and other forms of internet abuse which may be illegal or may irritate users and tarnish Freightos’ brand for Referrals. If you wish to report a violation of our Anti-Spam Policy, please forward all relevant evidence to our customer service department at
Relationship of Parties. This Agreement will not create any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representative, or employment relationship between the parties.
Limitation of Liability. Freightos will not be liable for indirect, special, or consequential damages (or any loss of revenue, profits, expenditures or data) arising in connection with this agreement or the program, even if we have been advised of the possibility of such damages.
Disclaimers. We make no express or implied warranties or representations with respect to the Affiliate Program or an Affiliate’s potential to earn income from the program. The Freightos services are provided subject to the Freightos Master Services Agreement. In addition, the Affiliate Program is provided “as is” and “if is” and we make no representation that the operation of the Freightos Marketplace or the Affiliate links will be uninterrupted or error-free, and Freightos will not be liable for the consequences of any interruptions or errors.