Updated: December 28, 2023

Freightos Sellers FAQs

Quoting on Freightos.com

When booking on Freightos.com, Shippers will know what is and what is not included in their Quote, and which additional services may come up during the lifecycle of the shipment as per Freightos.com policy. All Sellers working through the platform abide by the same rules covering upfront costs. This covers the Sellers’ agents and subcontractors and their services, not just the services that are being provided directly by the Sellers. Our policies are outlined in the Freightos.com Standard Operating Procedure and the Freightos.com Terms of Service for Sellers.

Online quoting

  • What should be included in my Quotes?

Your pricing should include all charges so that additional charges do not need to be added after a Quote is booked. Your Quotes must include routing and rate validity. For more details, check the Charges Included in the Quote SOP section. For example, if you require palletization for delivering loose cartons, or have oversize / overweight surcharges above specific dimensions, this must be included in your pricing. 

  • If I have difficulties quoting parts of the shipment in advance, can I post my port-to-port freight rates and offer other services to the Shipper post booking?

Shippers on Freightos.com are looking for complete Quotes to compare in real-time. For example, if the Shipper is looking for a rate to ship from a port and you do not include origin charges in your results, your Quote will be pushed down on the results page. Other missing services may prevent your rates from appearing. 

  • I have additional surcharges and conditions that I want to list as comments as they do not apply to all shipments. May I attach them to my Quotes?

We don’t recommend adding additional comments to Quotes. Not only do they look sloppy, they are often disregarded by users. Your data should produce an all-inclusive Quote without the need for additional charges post-booking. 

  • What should I do if I expect rates to change but I do not yet have new rates?

Once a Shipper books a shipment, the rate is binding until the end of the rate validity, as outlined in our Freightos.com Standard Operating Procedure

Sellers are responsible for regularly updating their rates and inputting realistic rate validity dates to anticipate price adjustments. This ensures you can offer your services at the rates you have quoted. For peak seasons, you may need to shorten validity and add to transit time to keep to reasonable expectations.

If you feel unable to keep to your rates, you should remove them temporarily until we can publish them for you again once they are updated.

  • For how long should my rates be valid?

Shippers must feel comfortable booking rates online. Freightos.com has guidelines about validity dependent on mode of transportation. You may update your rates for all modes at any time; however, you may not adjust the rates of Quotes already booked by Shippers that are entered to port within their validity. For all modes, we expect Sellers to provide updated rates several days before the old rates expire. Minimum rates validity per mode is as follows:

  • Pickup, Delivery, Surcharges: 1 Year
  • FCL: 2 Weeks
  • LCL: 1 Month
  • Air: We realize how volatile Air rates can be. However, we have an obligation to provide Shippers with dependable rates. Air rate providers must provide a set of rates with a validity of at least two weeks, but the rates may be updated for future bookings at any time.

During peak season and other global events, Sellers may need to further reduce their validity periods when carrier rate changes become more volatile. It is the Sellers responsibility to ensure that rates are honored for shipments moved within rate-validity as outlined in the Freightos.com Standard Operating Procedure.

  • Do I need to include an insurance service with my freight rates?

Freightos.com separates freight insurance from online freight rates and Shippers are able to purchase insurance through a third-party provider. Sellers arrange and provide their own insurance services if they are requested as part of a Custom Quote.

  • When should I include customs brokerage as part of my published rates?

Import customs clearance is selected by the Shippers as an additional service while searching on Freightos.com. 

  • For US imports, customs clearance will be handled by Clearit, a third-party provider designated by Freightos.com. The customs charges will be included automatically in the Quote if requested. 
  • For all other destination countries, the Seller must include customs clearance along with all the applicable clearance charges. 
  • Sellers will arrange and provide their own customs brokerage services if they are requested as part of a Custom Quote.

Export customs clearance must always be included with origin charges for online Quotes.

  • What promotional tools are available to Sellers to secure more Quotes?

Sellers can offer promotions to Shippers to attract more attention. Sellers may add different promotions to Quotes on the basis of shipment mode, Quote value, or by specific origin and destination countries or ports. The Seller sets the criteria, such as the amount of the promotion and if it applies to new and repeated Shippers.

You can find full details on how to make use of Seller promotions.

Trucking benchmarks

  • My agents for pickup and delivery don’t provide me with rate lists. How can I provide Freightos.com with a pickup and delivery tariff if I don’t know the cost?

We expect forwarders we onboard who have experience with pickup and delivery to offer the required services at comparable prices. To help, we can provide benchmark rates for many pickup/delivery services. You may add these rates to your services with a markup to ensure that you can provide them at a realistic and competitive price. 

Be aware that our benchmark rates do not guarantee prices with any specific agent, and you will be responsible for providing the required service at the quoted rate. If you see that the rates you offer with benchmarks are not competitive enough or realistic for your agents, you can adjust the markup you are adding at a later time.

  • Can Freightos.com help me find agents for pickup or delivery?

Unfortunately not. The agents you use are your responsibility. Freightos.com will not be involved in managing the relationships between the Seller and the pickup/delivery agents that you use.

  • What benchmark rates do Freightos.com offer?

Publishing rates 

  • How can I integrate my rates with Freightos.com?

If you are ready to integrate rates from your platform with ours, you can refer to the Availability section in our API documentation. To access it, please sign up and log into our Developers Portal, where you’ll find all the essential information you need.

  • What is an Airtable template and how do I manage it?

Freightos.com provides integrated rate templates for each mode of shipping where updates will be reflected in real-time through the Airtable platform. Find the full details for using the Airtable template

  • How do I know how my rates compare with those of other Sellers on Freightos.com?

Freightos sends a bi-weekly pricing report for FCL and LCL for the top searched lanes that illustrates how your rates compare to other Sellers for the same lanes you are offering. We encourage you to run periodic searches on ship.freightos.com to see your live rates on our platform (we discourage bot searches or other high volume searches made per day). This will allow you to see how your rates compare to the competition. You can then take this information into account in your next pricing update.

  • Why aren’t my rates appearing when my Shipper or I search Freightos.com or associated partner sites?

Ensure your rates are valid. We include a list of services that are nearing expiry in your weekly Seller Score email.

Check that the search fits the routing and dimensional limitations that you have provided with your pricing. A similar search using different dimensions often yields results when the Shipper has an oversized shipment.

If you still require assistance from Freightos, send us full details of the issue including the search URLs you used.

  • What should I do if I see that my pricing is incorrect on online searches?

Remove your pricing until you can complete updates as needed. We don’t want Shippers booking shipments with your incorrect pricing.

  • For Airtable or API-provided pricing, check your data entries and correct them as needed. To avoid potential booking escalations, remove the service until the issue is resolved.
  • For Freightos.com-managed rate updates and for pricing assistance, email [email protected]. If relevant, add “Rate Error” to the subject line.
    Attach search links and screenshots with your email along with how pricing should appear in Quotes. This will help the Freightos.com team identify and solve the issue more quickly.

Custom Quotes workflow (offline quoting)

For a more detailed overview, see the related videos below under Guides and Resources.

  • When will Freightos.com issue Custom Quotes?

If a Shipper searches the platform for a service that is within our Sellers’ capabilities but has no published rate online from a forwarder, the Shipper will be prompted to submit a Custom Quote request. This request will be routed to Freightos.com’s internal quotes team for evaluation, and then sent to several of our forwarders based on their region and service strengths.

Sellers can request that all Custom Quote requests fitting specific criteria be forwarded to them automatically. Criteria may include origin and destination country, mode, and other parameters.

Freightos.com strives to provide a fast turnaround on these Quotes. If you receive a Custom Quote request from our team, you must reply as quickly as possible, by either submitting a bid or rejecting the request if the request is out of your scope, or you will not be considered for Custom Quotes in the future.

  • What if I need additional information about the shipment to offer a Custom Quote?

Time is of the essence for our Custom Quote process, so make reasonable assumptions to create a Quote as quickly as possible. For example, if you are given a destination city, assume a general rate for delivery to a standard location even if you do not have an exact delivery address. Or, if the Shipper is not sure if they will need a 40′ or 20′ container, find pricing for both. Freightos.com will direct Custom Quotes business to Sellers able to work within these guidelines.

  • Is there a way to leverage my Custom Quote into additional business?

If you can offer a Custom Quote once, publish it as a rate online. There could be a future Shipper looking for the same service. Add your new service to an Airtable template provided by Freightos.com.

  • I issued a Custom Quote and received an email from the Shipper saying they accepted it. May I process the shipment?

No. Freightos.com shipments may only be started by the Seller once they are verified. To provide our logistics partners with good service, Freightos.com requires payment before we verify bookings. We will send you an email confirming that you have a new shipment once an order is verified, and you can begin processing it. Shipments begun prior to verification are not covered by the Freightos.com payment guarantee, as detailed in our Freightos.com Terms of Service for Sellers.

Shipper requests to work off-platform 

Freightos.com invests significant efforts and resources into finding Shippers and Sellers. When we introduce a Shipper and a Seller, they must interact exclusively through Freightos.com, as per our policies. If Freightos.com finds that a Seller is not abiding by these policies, we will cease our partnership with them.

  • What should I do if a Shipper contacts me off-platform?

If a Shipper contacts you for a Quote off-platform, please direct them back to our platform or issue them a Custom Quote as detailed above.

  • If a Freightos.com Shipper reaches out to a colleague who does not deal with Freightos.com, may we process the shipment independent of Freightos.com?

Freightos.com Sellers agree to abide by Freightos.com policy in the name of their company. It violates our policy to circumvent our agreement, even via different departments. 

  • I have a Shipper who reached out for a better rate than those published on Freightos.com. May I provide them with it?

We expect you to publish competitive rates online to gain more business. Providing a Shipper with a better rate after they reach out off-platform is not permitted and can damage our partnership.

We provide value to Sellers taking booking on Freightos.com through our Payment Guarantee and our platform’s ease of use and operation.

Operating Shipments on Freightos.com

Receiving a shipment

  • What should I do if a Shipper tells me that they have booked a shipment, but I have not received verification from Freightos.com?

Do not start moving a shipment that has not been verified by Freightos.com as this will void our Payment Guarantee for the shipment. Direct the Shipper to the Freightos.com team for any questions. 

Verification will be visible on the Platform and notification will be sent by email and API if integrated.

  • What do I do once I’m informed that a booking has been made and verified?
  • Freightos.com will send you the new shipment number and details. 
  • Reply to the email containing this to begin a chat with the Shipper through the Freightos.com messenger. Responsiveness to such emails is one of the most critical metrics that we track. 
  • Review the Shipper’s documents and shipment details and ensure all is clear. In the event that any information is missing or need to be confirmed, the Shipper should be informed in advance and any applicable additional charges should be communicated to them to have their confirmation.  
  • Once the booking is clear, contact the consignor to confirm the details and 
  • Book the shipment with your selected carrier.
  • You must also update the shipment page on the Freightos.com platform with the planned pick-up date to confirm the booking.

In addition provide the following data. For:

  • Air shipments: Port ETD/ETA, MAWB number, and AWB document.
  • Ocean shipments: Port ETD/ETA, MBOL number, container number, and BOL document.
  • Express and LTL shipments: Tracking label, tracking number, and BOL document.

You can check all the shipments with pending details on the Shipments list on Freightos.com.

  • My Quote reflected incorrect pricing. Can I adjust the new rate after booking?

Per the Freightos.com policy, it is not acceptable to cancel or change a Quote inside the effective dates. You are expected to honor Bookings that are made at the price booked. Changing or canceling shipments creates a negative Shipper experience and discourages repeat bookings with a Seller or even with Freightos.com. 

It is crucial that you remove rates for a service before we have a problematic booking if your pricing will leave shipments at risk. For assistance, email [email protected] with “Urgent” in the subject line. 

  • What if the Amazon plan the Shipper created expires before the expected delivery date?

Once a booking is received, the Seller should confirm the Amazon plan’s creation and expiration date with the Shipper. If, for any reason, you are unable to make the delivery or appointment before the plan expires, you should align with the Shipper on resolution and if a new plan needs to be created before shipment execution to avoid additional fees and delays at the destination.

In the event of unexpected delays during the shipment journey that will prevent you from meeting the expiry date, you should collaborate with the Shipper as early as possible to create a new plan and communicate any associated charges for the work needed to deliver their shipment successfully.

  • What if the Shipper confirms different terms of service, such as a change in origin, destination, Incoterms, or load than those mentioned on the initial Quote?

First, message the Shipper to confirm the new details. Advise the cost of the requested adjustments and offer the Shipper the option to cancel if they don’t approve. If approved, add the charges to the shipment page and proceed with the shipment.

  • Can I see placed shipments? 

Sellers can review unconfirmed placed shipments, which can be found under the All Shipments tab of ship.freightos.com/shipment. Messenger is still functional for unconfirmed shipments. As per Freightos.com policy, no action should be taken on Bookings until they have been confirmed, and actions taken on unconfirmed Bookings are not covered by the Payment Guarantee. Sellers will receive email or API confirmation once Bookings are confirmed, and the platform will reflect the shipment’s confirmed status.

  • What should I do if the goods are not ready, and there is no clear date of when it will be?

After reaching out to the Supplier, if the goods are not ready and a definite readiness date is uncertain or won’t be in the near future, the Seller needs to advise shipment cancellation to Shipper through the messenger and encourage them to rebook once their cargo is ready.

During the shipment

  • What should I do if the quote booked is expired and the shipment is not picked up?

If the shipment can be moved on the quote booked without additional charges you may proceed normally.

If a rate increase should be added to move the shipment, you should communicate this to the Shipper through the messenger and get an approval on the messenger before proceeding. Any additional charges approved must be added on the shipment page no later than 5 days after departure, or they are not considered valid charges as per our SOP. If the Shipper did not respond, the shipment should be cancelled and you should not move forward.

  • During the shipment, I had to provide additional services not included in the initial freight Quote. How do I notify the Shipper and Freightos.com of these charges?

The SOP has a section on notifying the Shipper of charges, and when Shipper approval is required before proceeding.

For charges that do not require Shipper approval beforehand, such as for different dimensions than what was booked or additional services, notify the Shipper via the Freightos.com messenger (see the messenger guide below). Then, update the shipment page with the correct charges.

Notifying Shippers in advance will reduce the chance of charges being disputed. You must ensure you can provide proof of the additional charges incurred.

  • How do I know which additional shipment charges are valid?

Operate as per Freightos.com policy. Our studies show that Shippers will rate a shipping experience as poor if there are additional charges, even if they are valid. Be sure the purpose of these charges is clear to the Shipper before they are incurred.

As per the Freightos.com Standard Operating Procedure, some additional charges will need Shipper approval before they can be applied. If notifications are not handled as per the policy, charges may be rejected if disputed.

  • I see the planned pickup date is not until after my rates expire. Why is the Shipper able to book my rates? What do I do knowing that the rate quoted will most likely change?

Your rates will appear on the platform for searches run within your rates’ effective dates, even if the Shipper’s planned pickup date is for after rates expire. We understand that you cannot always know valid rates for future dates. However, it is important that your rates appear in order to secure future business. The rate validity is shown on the platform so that Shippers are aware of them when they book. Rate increases for Quotes booked for future shipments are treated within the Freightos.com Standard Operating Procedure and conditions agreed to by Freightos.com platform Users. 

  • How do I handle split shipments on Freightos?

At this time, Freightos.com does not support split shipments with online bookings, where part of the cargo is freighted at a later time or shipped under a different master bill (MAWB/MBOL). The online insurance and customs services available for Shippers are not set up for split shipments, and we are unable to support proper shipment tracking on the Platform at this time.

If a shipment is being moved under different master bills or with different departure times, the Seller should have the Shipper book a new shipment for the cargo being moved at a later time or under a separate bill.

  • If there are multiple pickups or deliveries but the shipment is still moving under one master bill (AWB/BOL), how do I handle this on Freightos.com?

At this time, Freightos.com does not support split shipments with online Bookings where multiple origins and destinations are requested.

If a shipment is being picked up from multiple origin addresses or delivered to multiple destination addresses but it will still move under one master bill, Sellers may communicate the additional costs for these moves to the Shipper and get their approval before adjusting the shipment charges on Freightos.com.

  • How do I process personal shipments on Freightos.com?

Freightos.com is for commercial shipping. The published rates and the customs and insurance services provided do not support personal shipments. You may offer a Custom Quote to the Shipper if you are able to handle their shipment.

If you realize a shipment is for personal goods, or any forbidden commodity on our list, while in transit have the Shipper inform their insurance agent and customs broker to avoid further issues.

  • Freightos.com is sending emails regarding missing shipment details. How do I address this?

Sellers are expected to keep Shippers updated by completing their shipment milestones. Freightos.com will email you outstanding missing shipment milestones and other pending escalations daily. Failure to address them in a timely manner may result in Freightos.com temporarily disabling your rates.

  • Can I match my TMS to Freightos.com? What is the best way to update Freightos.com of shipment milestones?

Your IT team should review our standard APIs to keep Shippers appraised of all shipment updates as you make them on your internal platform. Otherwise, each shipment will need to be updated manually on our platform. Please see the below for reference about some of our available API modules: 

Booking, Tracking and other Incoming alerts from Sellers

To access it, please sign up and log into our Developers portal, if you don’t have an account yet, where you’ll find all the essential information you need.

  • What if the shipment is set to arrive and customs clearance is not complete?

If the customs process has not been completed or if the Shipper has not provided other documentation or information necessary for completing the shipment, the Seller is responsible for notifying them that storage will be incurred 2 business days before a vessel arrives at port. 

  • When can I add storage charges on the shipment page?

The Seller is responsible for notifying the Shipper that storage charges will be incurred before they begin as per Freightos.com policy.

For shipments removed from storage before 5 paid days have been incurred, the Seller will add the charges to the shipment on Freightos.com. 

If a shipment incurs more than 5 days of paid storage, the Seller will invoice the charges will be invoiced directly off the Freightos.com platform. Freightos.com will not be involved in coordinating off-platform charges or collecting payment for them.

Sellers are entitled to treat a shipment as Abandoned Cargo if a Shipper is not responsive or cooperative in removing a shipment from storage after 5 paid days of storage fees.

  • What do I do after the shipment is delivered?

Update the shipment page with the Actual Delivery Date (ADD), upload the proof of delivery (POD), and finalize all shipment charges. 

  • When is a shipment closed from additional charges?

Shipments are closed and the PO finalized 14 calendar days after the Actual Delivery Date (ADD). The time is 20 calendar days for Express shipments with all dates set according to UTC time zone. The Seller can also close a shipment manually on Freightos.com any time after delivery.

  • Can I add charges after the shipment is closed?

Once the shipment is closed, you may not add or charge the Shipper, as this goes against Freightos.com policy and the expectations of our Shippers.

Shipment communications

  • How do I reach out to a Shipper after a shipment is booked?

You can reach out to Shippers using the Freightos.com messenger, accessible via email or the Freightos.com platform. See Freightos.com Communications Guidelines. 

  • When do I contact a Shipper?
  1. When a new shipment is verified. Whenever a shipment is reviewed by Freightos.com as per policy, you’ll receive a notification from us (API or email). Reply to the email notification to start a conversation with the Shipper on the Freightos.com platform. We encourage you to reply to every new shipment email as soon as possible to keep communication lines open and to keep the shipment moving as smoothly as possible.
  2. Whenever the Shipper reaches out to you by the messenger. Please be responsive.
  3. Whenever there are changes, delays, or additional charges to the shipment. As you become aware of these charges, let the Shipper know to ensure they aren’t surprised by delays or extra fees late in the shipment.
  4. After a successful shipment is marked as delivered on our platform. The Shipper will receive an automatic email asking them to leave a review, but make sure to follow up personally as well. Ask how you can make future shipments even better. Invite them to leave a 5-star review – Shippers are more likely to leave reviews when reminded.

A common Shipper complaint we have seen resulting in bad Seller reviews is a lack of communication. If you have a pending issue and have not updated a Shipper recently, send them a status update, even if there has been no movement, to ensure they know what’s going on. Using the messenger is a critical part of maintaining a high Seller Score on Freightos.com.

  • How do communications about charges prevent disputes?

Sellers must communicate any additional charge with the Shipper via the messenger once they are known and receive approval as detailed in the Freightos.com Standard Operating Procedure. The Seller should explain why a charge was incurred and provide the Shipper with supporting documentation where possible.

Shippers are more likely to dispute charges that have not been properly communicated.

  • What if I have an urgent freight issue with a shipment or with the Shipper?

Please keep in close contact with the Shipper via the messenger to provide all shipment updates. Ensure you have a valid phone number to reach the Shipper regarding urgent issues.

  • What if a Shipper is unresponsive?

If Shippers are unresponsive on the Freightos.com messenger, you should call them. Depending on the stage of the shipment, different actions are required. 

Check the details for when and how to complete each action in the Freightos.com Standard Operating Procedure

  1. If the shipment has not departed, it should be canceled after 7 business days.
  2. If the shipment incurs fees while in transit, some charges may need to be added without the Shipper’s approval.
  3. If off-platform charges are not paid by the Shipper, the shipment may need to be held.
  4. If off-platform charges, such as storage over 5 paid days, continue mounting, the Seller may need to consider abandoning the shipment.
  • When do I need to call a Shipper?

Sellers are expected to do their best to make sure a shipment is successful. The best way to keep a shipment moving or resolve an issue is to call the Shipper, especially when the shipment is at risk of abandonment or otherwise in jeopardy. Make sure to have a working phone number to reach them at, and confirm that a call was made or attempted on the messenger. 

Communications with Freightos.com

  • I received an email with Freightos.com Daily Shipment Escalations. What does this mean?

Selling on Freightos.com requires a high standard of service including shipment status updates and escalation handline. If you follow Freightos.com platform workflows, you should not have any urgent pending items. For more details please check the Shipment Data Completion document. You will receive a daily warning if you have pending issues left unaddressed and if you fail to solve the issues, your services may be temporarily suspended.

  • What do I do if I have a problem with technical issues on the platform or my account such as logins or errors?

Please email [email protected] with a full description of the issue along with any screenshots or search results links. You can also check the Freightos.com system status in case of any instability with the website. 

  • What do I do if I notice a pricing issue with my online rates or if I need to update my rates?

If you are using Airtable or API data, disable your rates until the issue is resolved. Please email [email protected]. For critical issues, include “Urgent” in the subject line.

  • Which contacts does Freightos.com use when messaging or notifying me?

Initially, your operations contacts will be confirmed during your Seller onboarding and given access.

You can manage this list of contacts from your dashboard on ship.freightos.com by accessing Menu > My Settings > Company Profile > Email Notifications. You can add or delete any user as you’d like, but there must be at least one user. 

Any users you add will only receive system notifications starting from the next new booking; the same applies when you remove a user.

  • How do I update my list of contacts with access to Freightos.com?

To enable additional users to make shipment updates, please send their names and email addresses to [email protected].
If the users only need to receive booking notifications and communicate through the messenger, you can add the emails on ship.freightos.com as described in the previous point.

  • How do I ensure I receive Freightos.com emails?

Follow the steps listed in this guide to ensure that you are receiving all emails and that they are not going to your spam folder.

  • What if I have a new team member handling Freightos shipments?

Before a new team member processes Freightos shipments, they should be fully onboarded by another team member. Before they process Freightos shipments they must understand and be fully aligned with the Freightos SOP and TOS. You can ask Freightos to provide operations training as well.

Shipment disputes and escalations

  • I received communication that there is a dispute on one of my shipments. What should I do?

In some cases, Shippers do not understand why an additional charge is incurred. Disputes are decided based on our Dispute Policy. Freightos.com will notify the Seller and give them the opportunity to present their case if one of their shipment charges has been disputed. To do so, reply with all necessary details and provide proof of charges as needed.

Freightos.com reviews charges disputed to make sure they were applied, communicated, and approved as needed in proper alignment with our Freightos.com Standard Operating Procedure.

  • What are common causes for disputes? How can I avoid them? How do I keep from having a dispute over these charges decided against me?
  1. Inspection Fee/Congestion

Prepare the Shipper for these potential fees at the beginning of the shipment – before they occur – so they are not surprised later on.

  1. Dimensions/Overweight Charges

For Air/LCL/FCL/Rail shipments, the Seller must obtain Shipper approval before moving the shipment for all changes advised by the consignor before pickup. This must be documented on the Freightos.com messenger.

Provide the Shipper with proof of the shipment’s new dimensions when communicating the charge.

  1. Rate Increase/GRI

As detailed in the Freightos.com Standard Operating Procedure, the Seller must obtain Shipper approval before moving the shipment. This must be documented on the Freightos.com messenger.

Rate increases are not permitted within the rate validity.

Was there a delay before gate-in outside of your control? Ensure the Shipper is regularly kept up-to-date and understands any delays.

Rate changes must be added to the shipment cost on Freightos.com within 5 days of departure.

  1. On platform storage charges, up to 5 paid days

The Seller is responsible for notifying the Shipper of the last free day 2 days before arrival along with an estimated storage fee if there is anything outstanding that will prevent the Seller from completing the shipment.

The Seller should notify the Shipper again as soon as the storage starts and let them know what is needed to remove it from storage.

  1. Trucking charges

Common trucking charges: Prepull, chassis rental, waiting time, drop pickup or delivery, accessorials (lift gate for residential pickup/delivery).

The Seller should inform the Shipper as soon as they are known and make sure they understand why the charges are added along with any documentation that supports these fees.

  • What if a shipment was lost?
  1. Do your best  to locate the shipment.
  2. Direct the Shipper to immediately submit a claim to their insurance agent. 
  3. Provide proof that the shipment has been lost and send any documents needed for the claims process.
  4. Add all the incurred charges under cancellation cost for all the services fulfilled 
  5. Cancel the shipment, choosing the lost shipment cancellation reason.
  • What if part of a shipment was lost?
  1. Do your best to locate the missing cargo.
  2. Direct the Shipper to immediately submit a claim to their insurance agent. 
  3. Provide proof that the shipment has been lost and send any documents needed for the claims process.
  4. Once the remaining part of the shipment has been delivered and the loss of the remaining cargo has been reported, mark it as Delivered.
  • When does a Seller mark a shipment as abandoned?

If the Shipper and Seller are not aligned, inform the Shipper on the Freightos.com messenger as soon as paid storage begins about what is needed to proceed with the shipment. Convey that the shipment will be abandoned if the Shipper is not aligned within 5 days.

In a to-port shipment, the consignee does not make the necessary arrangements to pick up the goods from the CFS/Warehouse/CY.

In a to-door shipment, the consignee does not cooperate in customs clearance or otherwise prevents delivery efforts.

  • How does a Seller mark a shipment as abandoned?
  1. After notifying the Shipper as per policy, the Seller will take steps to abandon the shipment based on the stage of the shipment.
  2. All the services that were already provided by the Seller should be added to the shipment page as cancellation costs.
  3. Cancel the shipment using the cancellation reason “shipment abandoned.” 
  4. Charges for long-term storage and abandonment charges are collected directly from the Shipper as per policy. 

Shipment cancellations

  • How and when can I cancel a shipment?

Sellers may cancel shipments for the reasons outlined in the Freightos.com Standard Operating Procedure. A Seller may also cancel a shipment upon receiving a request from a Shipper. Sellers should add a detailed reason in the description when canceling.

See the following video on how to cancel a shipment directly from the shipment page. Ensure any incurred charges are added using the Cancellation Costs charge line before canceling the shipment, as you will not be able to add charges afterward. Sellers who have integrated with Freightos’ OpenFreight API may also request a shipment cancellation via the integration.

  • What if charges are incurred on a canceled shipment?

During the cancellation process, if services were performed before the cancellation, add the charge to the shipment page using the charge type “cancellation cost” before canceling the shipment.

Operating shipments with Clearit as the customs broker

  • How do I handle operations when the clearance is with Clearit? 

If a Shipper books a shipment including clearance with Clearit, the Quote will show the Freight Seller’s Quote for services and pricing alongside Clearit’s.

The Seller is responsible for uploading all relevant documents, as described in the SLA’s for customs clearance process in Freightos.com’s SOP and ensuring that the ETD and ETA are correctly inputted on the shipment page.

Duties and taxes will be added onto Freightos.com and will be handled between Freightos.com, Clearit, and the Shipper.

  • How should we communicate with Clearit?

Seller inquiries should be directed to [email protected]. If the Shipper has inquiries regarding clearance, they should be directed to contact Clearit via chat.

  • How do I know if the Shipper has completed their POA and IOR setup?

A shipment should not be processed until the IOR is activated. Clearit will notify you as well as the Shipper once the IOR is verified. The status will also be visible on the shipment page.

If the IOR documentation and setup are not completed within 72-hours of shipment verification, Clearit will notify you via Freightos.com to place the shipment on-hold until the setup is completed to avoid customs issues at the destination. You may push the Shipper to contact Clearit directly to completer their IOR activation.

  • How can I know that the ISF filing was completed

Make sure to upload the correct ISF (10+2) and other commercial documents before departure. Clearit will notify you via Freightos.com once the ISF is completed and the status will be visible on the shipment page. You will also be notified if there is an issue in completing the ISF and if additional information is needed.

  • How can I request the Delivery Order from the customs broker?

You may reach out to the third-party customs broker at [email protected] requesting the Delivery Order. Make sure that your request includes the name of the pickup party to notate in the DO when generated.

  • What should I do if a shipment is not customs released due to outstanding duties charges?

Clearit will only process the customs release of the shipments until after the duty amount is settled by the Shipper through Freightos.com. You should notify the Shipper with the last free day and the storage charges that will incur due to delays. If any storage fees were incurred, you should handle them per Freightos.com policy.

  • Who is responsible for customs exam arrangements and related charges when Clearit is responsible for clearance?

Clearit will make all customs exam arrangements and will pass the relevant charges to the Shipper through the Freightos.com platform. Clearit may seek your assistance during the exam process such as settling outstanding fees at the terminal or handling the move to the exam site. Please loop in your agents as needed and facilitate movement as quickly as possible to help the shipment run smoothly. You will need to bill the fees for any part you have handled, to Clearit directly.

  • How can I know if the shipment is flagged for customs hold?

Clearit will notify you and the Shipper if a shipment is assigned for customs hold and they will follow up with the relevant parties as needed. There are some cases where customs might hold the release of a shipment that was already customs cleared. Ensure to communicate the LFD to the Shipper and once storage starts if the clearance is not completed prior to LFD at port.

  • What if the Shipper is reaching out about their customs clearance or exam status?

Please direct the shipper to Clearit for any customs updated.

  • What actions should I take if a shipment remained under customs hold for a few weeks of port arrival?

If a shipment is held by local customs authorities or seized for examination, the Seller should close the shipment under the following circumstances:

  1. The shipment has been held in the customs process for more than 45 calendar days from the date of port arrival.
  2. The seller and customs brokerage service provider are unable to estimate how long the shipment will be detained.
  3. The shipper does not wish to abandon the shipment.

The seller may then adjust the shipment charges as necessary to remove the cost of the final delivery from where the shipment is being held and update the shipment status to “delivered.” The Seller will get paid for fulfilled services from the quote booked. For long storage fees and other services fulfilled after the hold is removed, these charges as well as further communication should be handled off platform with the Shipper directly.

  • How will we know when the shipment is customs released?

Once a shipment is released, you will receive a notification from Clearit via Freightos.com with the ACE document attached. 

  • Can a Shipper add Clearit services after booking?

Clearit services cannot be added post booking. You can offer your customs brokerage service to the Shipper or they can have their own broker. 

Shipment Reviews on Freightos.com

After each delivered shipment, Freightos.com emails the Shipper with a link where they can submit a review of the Seller who handled their shipment. Reviews have a strong impact on your Freightos.com bookings. Good service and great communication are the keys to great reviews.

  • How do I get more reviews?

Reach out to your Shippers towards the date of final delivery and ensure that everything went smoothly. Encourage them to leave a review. If you see that they haven’t left one after delivery, feel free to reach out again.

  • How many times can I reach out to the Shipper to leave a review?

You can reach out to the Shipper once after the delivery. We’ve seen that multiple requests can drive Shippers away. 

  • Where do I see my reviews?

Your Reviews are visible to you and all Freightos.com users on any search results that show your company. You can also see all of your reviews by going to the top right corner of your Sellers Overview once you are logged in to ship.freightos.com. 

  • I have received a review I believe is unfair. Can it be removed?

Freightos.com will only remove a review in extreme cases. For example, if a Shipper leaves one star and the comment “terrible service,” it will not be removed, since Shippers may state their opinions, however unfair they may be. However, if a comment were to state “delivery delayed by two weeks” and we know the delivery was actually on time, we would remove that comment.

  • I have received a review I believe is unfair. Can it be changed?

If you feel a review is unfair, you may reach out to the Shipper to align on how the shipment went and revise the review. If they agree, they may email us their updated review. Freightos.com will not reach out to Shippers for review edits.

Additionally, you may write a response to the review and can request that Freightos.com adds it on our platform to the Shipper review.

  • Can my Shipper submit a new review by email? Can I submit it on their behalf? What if my Shipper can’t locate the review link they originally sent?

Freightos.com does not accept reviews submitted off-platform. Please ask your Shipper to double-check their spam and trash folders if they can’t find the email.

  • What if a Shipper leaves me a bad review, but their issue was with a third-party Seller or Freightos.com?

Freightos.com will remove negative reviews left for you if they are related to a third-party service. Feel free to reach out to us if you see such a review before we can remove it.

Performance on Freightos.com

  • How do I track my status and progress on Freightos.com?

Log in to your Sellers Overview and pay attention to your account.

  • How can I tell where I stand compared to other Freightos.com forwarders? Where do I most need to improve?

Freightos.com sends out a Weekly Operations Digest with key performance indicators. Use this to check crucial metrics such as your on-time delivery rate or speed of reply to Shippers. Please check this document for more details.

Payments to Sellers

Freightos.com operates a self-billing mechanism whereby Freightos.com will issue an invoice to the Sellers and they will receive the payments based on the shipment purchase order total amount.

  • What is Hyperwallet?

Freightos.com is partnered with Hyperwallet (a PayPal Company) to handle payments. Each Seller will have their own account that will provide them with visibility of the payments made to their account and track them easily. The Hyperwallet account should be completed before publishing the Seller’s services on Freightos.com.

  • What currency will I be paid in?

Payment will be made in the currency agreed on with Freightos.com when you set up your Hyperwallet account.

  • How does Freightos.com pay me?

Check this guide for more details.

  • When does a Seller on Freightos.com receive payment for shipments?

Payments will be issued according to this schedule and after the shipment is financially closed, which happens on the 14th day after marking the shipment as delivered (20 days for Express) as per Freightos.com policy with all dates set according to UTC time zone. If a Seller marks a non-Express shipment as delivered on day 1, no additional charges can be added on platform or invoiced to the Shipper from the beginning of day 15. All additional charges must be added to a shipment before it is closed, or they will not be paid.

  • Can I close a PO early to receive payment earlier?

If all shipment charges have been finalized, you may close a shipment immediately on the Freightos.com platform. This will close the PO so that it is paid in the next payment cycle. Afterwards, no additional charges can be passed to the Shipper.

  • What exchange rates does Freightos.com use?

Freightos.com pulls conversion rates directly from the Xe.com platform.

  • What is a Seller’s Statement of Account?

Freightos.com gives Sellers the tools to review all POs and bills, and identify exceptions. With the centralized dashboard, Sellers can view and download this data and track and manage their financial transactions, including POs data and documents, bills, Seller’s fee and channel fee invoices, statuses, expected payment dates, bill credits, credit memos, and so on

You can see  more details on the Seller’s Statement of Account.

Guides and Resources

  • Does Freightos.com have a resource for Sellers to view and book air rates? What is WebCargo?

WebCargo by Freightos.com offers a free service that provides air rate searches as well as direct eBooking. WebCargo powers faster air cargo rate search and direct-to-carrier eBooking for over 2,000 forwarders. See more details.

  • Online Quoting:
  1. Airtable user guide
  2. Promotions on online rates
  3. Import customs charges configuration
  • Freightos.com Dashboard:
  1. Seller’s overview and shipment operations
  2. Freightos.com communications with shipper
  3. Shipment cancellations
  • Custom Quotes
  1. Submit a Custom Quote on behalf of the Shipper
  2. Prioritize Custom Quotes
  3. Reply to a Custom Quote
  • Payments
  1. Freightos.com payment process and Seller’s statement of account
  • Seller’s Performance
  1. Weekly KPI score
  2. Shipments data completion
  3. User Settings

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