Freightos Cross-Border Shipping Rates Extension for Magento

Freightos International Shipping Rates extension integrates instant international freight pricing from leading freight forwarders into your Magento shopping cart, enabling you to ship your oversized or bulk goods around the world.

The extension requires signing up for a Free Account on Freightos and a Free API Key that we provide you with in order to complete the setup. Email and we’ll set you up with everything you need.

The extension enables your online shop to display shipping rates for your oversized goods. Whether it’s air, ocean or trucking, your customers will to choose there preferred shipping method directly from the shopping cart.

Setting up the extension

When the plugin is successfully installed, you will see an additional shipping method under System/Configurations/Shipping Methods in the admin section of your Magento shop.


Enabled: determines if this plugin is enabled in Magento or not.

Shipping Method Display Name: this is the name that will appear on top of the rates in the cart.

Freightos Site: should point to “”.

Freightos API key: your API Key provided by Freightos.

For selected countries only: defines whether the plugin will be available worldwide or restricted to some countries.

Ship to Specific Countries: if “For selected countries only” is not set to “All Allowed Countries” then this fields becomes active to multi-select allowed countries from this list.

Origin: the default origin that the plugin will use for requesting quotes. This can be overridden in the product shipping config.

Default Mode: if defined to specific mode e.g. Air, air results will be fetched from Freightos. Any to get all modes.

Additionally, each product will have additional fields used by the extension to help determine the size and weight of your products. Fields added are:

Type: the type of product/packaging (e.g. box, pallet, 20’ container, etc…)

Weight: total weight of the product per type (optional for containers)

Weight Unit: kg, lb

Height: height of item (mandatory for boxes and pallets, optional for others)

Length: length of the item (mandatory for boxes only)

Width: width of the item (mandatory for boxes only)

Dimensions Unit: cm, inch

Stackable: true by default

Hazardous: required for some product categories like batteries, some chemicals, aerosols and others.

Hazard Code: if a product is hazardous, and to receive proper rates, Hazmat code need to be added to the product.

Origin: optional to override the default origin in the plugin config.

What happens when my buyer places an order?

When your buyer places an order with a shipping method chosen from Freightos, a quote will be saved on your Freightos Account. You will need to login and place the freight order once your shipment is confirmed. You can also search at that time for available options on Freightos Marketplace for even more competitive rates!