The changes keep on coming. After hundreds of hours of programming and thousands of cups of coffee, we’re happy to fill you in on the latest feature updates from Freightos. This release includes features that many of our clients have been asking for, as well as some additional features we’ve been thinking about for a while.

Check out the video to see what’s new…or read on!

Improved spot quote wizard – Including pickup date, accessorials, smart Incoterms

Spot quote filtering – Dynamically filter results to get the quotes you want fastedr
Quote editing enhancements – Add multiple legs, easily markup or discount pricing and share quotes throughout your organization
Powerful enterprise sharing features – Create and manage groups and permissions for tariff and quote sharing
Internationalization – Create custom currency exchange rules and easily convert imperial and metric dimensions both in-line or site-wide

Improved spot quote wizard

We’ve tuned up the spot quote page, integrating the following options:

  • Pickup date – Since every hour counts, you can now select specific dates, or even hours, for pickup.
  • You can now decide whether destination port charges will appear in the quote – Will appear only when destination is set as port.
  • Add accessorials for door-to-door shipments. Each accessorial you add will show up in the quote, with a price and a logo clarifying additional charges. Will only appear for door deliveries.
  • Set system-wide default dimension units or use the new in-line conversions to calculate imperial or metric dimensions.
  • Safely select hazardous shipping (via logo)
  • Let Freightos set your incoterms for you. Using our new Smart Incoterm feature, the system will automatically include the correct incoterm. Change the automatic incoterm by clicking on import or export. You can fully edit the incoterm in the “Quote Edit” screen.
  • If you get too many results on the quoting screen, you can quickly filter them down to using a number of different filters, include carrier, via, port and more.

New Quote Editing Features

  • A new cleaner look, so that you can show off your great rates easier.
  • With the new unified table view, you can see all legs of each shipment, with consistent columns across the entire quote.
  • We’ve received a number of requests for an “Add Leg” feature…and we’re delivering. You can now click on the “Add Leg” button before of after any leg to add new legs in-line!
  • Price change? Add markups or discounts on a leg or global level, in either percentages or absolute value, and the changes will be automatically distributed across the entire quote or leg.

Quote Sharing

Every company works better as a team, which is why our latest release also includes a powerful back-end update for enhancing sharing between offices, companies, groups and even customers.

  • Easily create different group settings for employees, offices, groups or even customers. Flexible sharing privileges based on customer, office or company, with intuitive rule interface
  • Share quotes across groups or companies
  • Restrict access to specific tariffs by groups

And more!

This is only the tip of the iceberg – this update also includes a long list of smaller features, such as:

  • System-wide performance enhancements, for a snappier and more responsive interface.
  • Flexible exchange rates that enable your company to create custom exchange rates for different currencies.
  • System-wide and specific conversion between imperial and metric

We’re already hard at work on our next release. Have any ideas? Got comments? We’d love to hear them. Drop us a line to get in touch!