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Nine Killer Digital Tools for Logistics Professionals [2018 Update]

As supply chains expand, they become harder and harder to control.

As ships evolve from barges to Maersk EEEs, digital tools for logistics professionals evolve too.

If you were the first person at the office to ditch binders for Excel, are the first call when the printer jams, and know that RAM isn’t a pickup truck, this list is for you.

These are our top digital tools that make life easier for logistics professionals, from sales teams, operations teams and transportation managers to just about any freight professional.

1. Live ocean schedules and maritime news

CargoSmart nailed it with Big Schedules, a big-data portal that provides a bird’s-eye view on global maritime activity. With a comprehensive database of schedules for port pairs, carriers and live news, this is information you need when you need it.

2. Instantly compare and book air, ocean, and trucking freight quotes.

What if comparing and booking international, door-to-door freight rates was as easy as booking a flight on Expedia? That’s Freightos, the online freight network. With existing users like Hellmann, CEVA Logistics and Marks and Spencer, you’re in good company.

3. Find that email. Quick.

Trying to close a deal? Email is the normally the best way to go prospecting…but any salesperson can attest to hours wasted searching for emails. Enter Email Hunter. With their free Chrome plugin, head to the prospect’s website and see their corporate email structure instantly.

4. Stay informed.

Information is power. But despite best efforts, it’s hard to get in-depth professional news about the freight industry. Despite its… basic… design, the Shipping Gazette continues to surprise with their incredible daily roundup of news, delivered right to your inbox.

5. Deck out your inbox.

Like any other profession, logistics managers spend their entire day in their inboxes. Mixmax unleashes true email power, with amazing automated meeting schedulers, live tracking to see if your emails were opened, scheduled email reminders and more. It’s like email on steroids and it WILL make your logistics operations fly.

6. Let data guide your way.

Sensing a pattern here? As a logistics professional, data is your best friend. Our two favorite data for making logistics decision? The Cass Freight Index and the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index. There’s a reason almost every professional has this in their bookmarks.

7. Don’t rediscover the (email) wheel.

Hallmark only hires the best writers for their cards. Really Good Emails is the business email equivalent. With hundreds of great email templates, beautiful designs, and great text suggestions, you can use these as the basis for just about any email correspondence, whether you’re selling, booking or complaining. Want more? Contactually also provides great business email templates.

8. Automate the tedious.

Ever feel like you ask the same questions or need the same information from every provider, customer, or freight recipient? Hate the standard “Origin, Destination, Commodity, Weight, Dims” email? We have your back. Take twenty minutes and set up a gorgeous form for free with Typeform. Send them a link and you’re done. Typeform is so easy to use, you’re guaranteed a better response rate than old-fashioned emails.

9. Pitch Right

Finding the perfect prospect online, whether on LinkedIn or a corporate website, is child’s play. Getting their email? That’s harder. But it’s way, way easier with prospect tools like Aeroleads , which helps you scour Google or LinkedIn and actually find the right email in seconds. Automated prospect tools will change your outreach, guaranteed.