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How We Protect Your Data: Security in the Cloud


By the end of 2015, the global cloud market should be worth about $180 billion dollars. There’s a reason it’s growing so fast; cloud computing can provide data agility, scalability and can be rolled out far faster than software solutions that require an on-site IT presence. Even though 82% of all US companies rely on cloud-based software for at least some function, 54% still rank data security as a top priority.

With good reason. They’ve worked hard to expand their business and don’t want to compromise on security.

Security in the Cloud

You shouldn’t have to compromise on security either. Freight is a competitive business that requires constant vigilance, together with constant innovation. The Freightos solution works so well because it is in the cloud. Using Freightos, you can generate quotes instantly, share rates with agents and offices, and even let customers quote from you, all from the comfort of their browser. At every stage, we take every possible measure to ensure that your data is secure.

When you are looking for a painter, you spend time searching for the best possible painter. When we were searching for a data center to host Freightos, we spent weeks evaluating options. We ultimately chose the Google App Engine. We are in good company. Major international companies, like Best Buy, use the App Engine and almost 50% of the UK’s FTSE 100 companies are using Google Cloud Services.

Why Google?

We chose the Google App Engine for 3 reasons:

  1. As industry leaders, Google has better IT security than you could ever have in-house
  2. Calculating complex routes and pricing from millions of routes demands computing power that few services besides Google can provide.
  3. Google offers better connectivity to suppliers and customers. Better connectivity means that its easier for agents and customers to buy quotes from you.

We also encourage you to read more about Google Cloud security yourself so that you know that your data is in the best possible hands. Check out

Having your data in the cloud is tantamount to keeping your money in the bank. Sure, you could keep it at home…but it’s far harder for someone to steal your money when its protected by professionals prepared for any eventuality.

How do we protect your data?

Freightos is a service-oriented business. Nothing is more important to us than protecting your data. Here’s what we do to protect it:

  • Your data is and will always be yours. You control it via a secure, SSL-protected web dashboard, from which you can upload, download or delete your information. It is isolated from other customer’s data and access is always encrypted.
  • The Freightos Terms of Service includes a clear contractual commitment on our part to safeguard your data. We maintain substantial product liability insurance to back our contractual obligations.
  • We limit access within Freightos so that only a small number of system administrators can access your data. Clear processes are enforced to make sure that they only access data at your request.
  • If we fail to safeguard your data, we would be out of business ourselves. We have a vested interest in guarding your data as if it was our own. There is a reason industry giants like CEVA trust Freightos with their data; we have proven ourselves time and time again.

Elite Security Standards

Looking for some initials? Google App Engine adheres to the following security standards:

Have more questions about Freightos security? Drop us a line here!