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Logistics Research

LogTech Review Q3 2017

See Freightos’ latest (Q3 2017) report on logistics technology in Q3 2017, including major movements by Alibaba and Amazon (as well as some Freightos updates).


The 2018 State of Digital Freight

In three years, the industry has gone from no major forwarders selling online to 25%. Read the full report here.


Digitalization and Customer Service

As international freight get digitalized, the nature of the shipper/forwarder relationship changes as well. This 2017 assess how customer service is changing.


The 2017 State of Digital Freight

Here’s how well the twenty largest freight forwarders in the world adapted to carrier and tech forwarder sales in 2017, tested using Freightos’ annual mystery shopping survey.


The Freight Rate Management Guide

Freightos AcceleRate experts compiled 50+ tips for selecting and implementing rate management platforms.


The Future of Freight in 2020

More dynamic information changes freight shipping expectations, pushing the envelope on the pace of change for providers, carriers, and shippers. Here's where the industry is going.


What Shippers Want

This free research provides a roadmap for four steps logistics providers need to follow to transition into digital freight powerhouses.


The 2015 State of Digital Freight

The landmark Freightos State of Digital Freight survey, researching logistics sales trends in 2015, and cited by nearly every major trade publication.


case studies

How Tearrible Instincts Delighted Dogs Worldwide

Sanja had a killer idea, incredible Kickstarter backing, and boxes of good in China. For the freight magic, she came to Freightos. Here's the story.


How Freightos Solved Jenray’s Shipping Headaches

There are better ways to spend your day than stuck on the phone with forwarders. Here's how Jenray's Anthony Bilancia saved time...and money.


Kestrel Liners

How a midsize forwarder outmaneuvered and increased sales using Freightos...with a 1200% Roi


Fercam’s Search For Better Freight

Unlike other divisions at Fercam that predominantly use internal fleets, the Air & Ocean Division depends on numerous carriers, each with multiple tariffs and surcharges, and each constantly changing. This made it incredible challenging to...


Sysco Foods

How Sysco, a Fortune 500 leader, saves time and money with smarter freight management and pricing.


Buffalo Games

See how Buffalo Games got an award-winning hit Christmas game into shops on time with Freightos support.