Track global freight shipments easily

Wondering where your shipment is?

With numerous points of transfer and potential delays along the way, staying up to date with your shipments is vital to supply chain management. 

That’s where we can help. 

Empowering importers with an advanced shipment tracking tool is just another way is bringing smooth shipping to global freight. supply chain

How are international shipments tracked?

Traditionally, global freight shipments could only be tracked with paperwork and scanned.’s shipment tracking tool lets you access real-time information about where your goods are and when they’ll arrive.

All you need is a shipment number.

What is a shipment number?

A shipment number is a unique combination of numbers and letters identifying your shipment.

You’ll receive a shipping number when you’ve completed your booking. 

How do I track my shipment?

Just enter the shipment number (#SXXXXXXXX) into the track shipment tool below to view your cargo’s status at any time. 

If you booked your shipment on our platform, you can also access additional real time information via the My Shipments portal.

"It was really easy to setup, considering my lack of experience in logistics; everything was fast and smooth. Like it!" Nernie, MRO SOlutions
"Without the help of automated pricing, it can take about three days just to receive a quote… while upstarts are leading the innovation race." Yaacov Benmeleh, Bloomberg Business