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Freight Rate

Upload and manage ocean, air, trucking, rail and barge rates – all surcharges, all carriers.


Dynamic organizational pricing and sales analytics with powerful freight software 

Freight Quotes

Generate all-in international freight quotes in seconds…or let customers book quotes online.

Your rates, under control.

Freightos does the heavy lifting for you, giving your entire organization on-demand access to live rates, whether they’re ocean, air, truck, rail or barge.

The result is better organizational visibility and efficiency, with instant freight quotes and rates off live, updated tariffs. The best part? Automation also eliminates invoicing errors that cost the industry over $680 million annually.

Unleash the 60 second freight quote.

Sell more by providing customers with all-in, instant freight quotes. Further reduce costs with completely accurate online quoting to customers and inbound prospects.

The bottom line? 1200% ROI and up to $200 saved per spot quote.

“Instant quotes make me look like a master of shipping”
Dennis Sobors Kestrel Liner

Sell more with online freight

B2B E-Commerce will pass $2 trillion dollars annually by 2017.

Sell freight services online to existing customers and agents with pre-defined markups.

Freight customers are buying online. Are you?

Intelligent business intelligence

Dynamic business intelligence means instant access to key data and trends at every level, from the individual salesperson to multinational companies. Track key metrics like popular routes, pricing trends, sales, mode mixes and more.

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